Games to Get you Pumped For The Election

Man I love election time, don’t you? Canadian, American, whatever. You better believe I stay glued to news and social media throughout every election cycle. Of course, the current American election has everyone captivated as the leadership of one of the most powerful countries in the world is up for grabs in what looks increasingly like either a reality show or a The Simpsons episode. No, not the good years of The Simpsons. So with the third debate ending tonight and the nails firmly in Trump’s coffin, how about some video games that will distract you from the current election cycle? At least until November 8th, that is, when you must do your civic duty to get out and vote. Unless of course you’re not an American in which case you can do what I’ll be doing on November 8th and sit back and hope that White Power riots don’t break out south of the border. What can you play to take your mind off this election, you ask? Great question.



World of Warcraft

Man, WoW just had a great expansion launch with some of the most riveting story developments that the Warcraft series has seen in years. When I picked up Legion I hadn’t actually played the previous expansion, Warlords of Draenor, at all so I’m actually still catching up on some of the story events from that expansion as well. If you haven’t played since Mists of Pandaria also, let me catch you up. After an orange monster promised to make the Horde great again, he spent an entire expansion lusting for power and then getting forcefully overthrown by former allies and enemies alike. Later in Draenor he was killed by the guy who put him there: Mike Pence.

Wait, oh god, hang on.


Bioshock: The Collection

Three excellent games in one excellent package. These will definitely keep you busy until November 8th. In the Bioshock series you get to explore huge, sprawling cities built on the extremes of possibility. Rapture, a city under the sea, and Columbia, a city in the sky. Rapture is a city founded on the ideals of Objectivism and it’s so gorgeous to explore you’ll definitely agree that things have gone swimmingly for everyone there. Columbia, is also founded on a political ideology, but this time around it’s American Exceptionalism.

Which, actually. Okay, hang on. I’ll get it.

Bioshock Infinite

Fallout 4

In a world that’s recovering from nuclear disaster…

Okay. No, sorry. Bad choice.

Fallout 4

No Man’s Sky

A space-faring adventure and exploration game. It’s relaxing to play and easy to lose yourself in for hours. There are peaceful aliens you can meet, trade with, and learn the languages of. There are countless amazing new worlds to explore and the game is so large you couldn’t explore it in a lifetime. You might take solace in the fact that you’re exploring a universe that is far removed from our own. Alternatively, you might realize that the marketing campaign was a lot of smoke and mirrors with very little of what was suggested would be in the end-product actually being delivered. Luckily, there are definitely no parallels between this situation and real life politics, so No Man’s Sky is the game to play this election season!

No Man's Sky


There’s always Saints Row 4!

You get to be a better President than either candidate and save the world from aliens! Whatever you, play, make sure you get out and vote on November 8th!

Saints Row 4

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