Shameless Product Placement is the True Star of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV
has so far been a delightful blending of open-world and JRPG conventions. It looks great and it feels great, not unlike camping with your complete set of Coleman camping gear. In fact, I would bet that playing Final Fantasy XV will have you as comfortable as if you were sleeping in your very own Coleman Instant Cabin while supping on some delicious Nissin Cup Noodles. Perhaps you can play the hit game while sitting in your very own Coleman Sling Chair. Maybe your sole source of light will be your Coleman Propane Lantern while enjoying cold beverages out of your Coleman 54 Quart Steel Bolted Cooler. Maybe the product placement in Final Fantasy XV is a little out of control, but still pretty entertaining.



Really though, what could be better than constantly having four attractive brooding boys constantly hanging around your products in order to promote them. There’s no doubt that Cup Noodles likely enjoy a fairly strong cross-section of audience with the players that will be enjoying FFXV, but one wonders how often JRPG players are going out to buy camping supplies. Is it some kind of Pokemon Go style ulterior motive to get gamers into the great outdoors? Likely not.

Aside from the fact that the Final Fantasy series has never really had product placement like this before, what’s so interesting about it is that it kind of works. There’s a now infamous cutscene in which Gladio (the buff, open-jacketed man above) does a complete line reading of what could easily be a script taken directly from a television commercial regarding Nissin’s Cup Noodles. It’s played like the most natural thing in the world. It’s played so straight that it becomes a really cheeky wink at the player. They know they’re breaking a certain wall by including this stuff in game, and they want us to know they know.

Will it drive me to buy any Coleman products? Unlikely. Cup Noodles? I doubt it. But it’s actually kind of refreshing that they wink at the product placement in a fantasy game so hard, rather than letting it go unmentioned.


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