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Shameless Product Placement is the True Star of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV
has so far been a delightful blending of open-world and JRPG conventions. It looks great and it feels great, not unlike camping with your complete set of Coleman camping gear. In fact, I would bet that playing Final Fantasy XV will have you as comfortable as if you were sleeping in your very own Coleman Instant Cabin while supping on some delicious Nissin Cup Noodles. Perhaps you can play the hit game while sitting in your very own Coleman Sling Chair. Maybe your sole source of light will be your Coleman Propane Lantern while enjoying cold beverages out of your Coleman 54 Quart Steel Bolted Cooler. Maybe the product placement in Final Fantasy XV is a little out of control, but still pretty entertaining.

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Is Foundation Too Little Too Late For No Man’s Sky?

No Man's Sky - Still something to behold

Hello Games, notorious developer of No Man’s Sky broke their more than three month silence the other day. After the community surrounding the game has been collectively losing their minds since release, the update came kind of out of nowhere. Hello Games announced the “Foundation Update” which will allow players to build bases in-game. Apparently, this update is also the launch pad for future updates to the game as well. It’s a curious move, but perhaps a necessary one given the levels of unhappiness surrounding the game. But will it be enough?

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Final Fantasy XI Has Been Quietly Modernizing

And it’s Awesome!


There are a few classic MMORPGs which players hold near and dear to their hearts — if they got into them at a certain point. Since modern MMORPGs have made things easier and easier for players to get into and stay into, classic style RPGs have relied almost exclusively on their hardcore veteran player base to stay afloat. Yet they have stayed afloat. Games like EverquestFinal Fantasy XI, and even something like Runescape.  All of these are surprisingly still alive today, but they might not be the games you remember spending your youth on. With dwindling playerbases, though, that’s a good thing.

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Searching For Silver Linings

I’m not a political writer. I pay attention to politics as much as I can, but I’m not always as well versed as I’d like to be. I’m the guy who has a pretty firm grasp on what I believe in and what I stand for, but I still need to look things up a lot if people I’m reading political stuff. I didn’t know exactly how the electoral college worked in the American voting system until early last week. After last night’s election results, I think everyone on the losing side of that election has a better idea about how they work: not well. Again, I am not a political writer. Politics is not my passion. I will not often write about it, but I think today everyone is writing about it in one form or another.

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Let’s Speculate On That Leaked Diablo Necromancer Artwork


With this leaked image of Diablo II’s Necromancer class (now in both male and female flavours) the internet is alive once more with the speculation of Diablo announcements at BlizzCon. We’re only a few days out from the big event, and this image is likely the biggest reveal we’re going to get before the keynote on Friday. But what does it mean? Are we getting an expansion for Diablo III? A remake of Diablo II? Or is this evidence of a nigh unlikely impending Diablo IV announcement. My money’s on the first one, but let’s take stock of our options.

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The Switch Is Nintendo Focusing Solely On The Handheld Market

Last Friday Nintendo unveiled their upcoming console: the Nintendo Switch. You’ve likely seen the promotional video for the combination home and portable system by now, or at least seen some images of what it looks like. It’s an interesting looking system which comes with both a dock which allows you to connect the console directly to your television and a screen which the controller to that allows you to play it on the go. You can even break the controller down further into two controllers for that multiplayer action on the run. The concept sounds strange, as I write it, but the promo video does a good job at establishing its versatility.

What I think the video really establishes for us, however, is just how perfect the very concept of the console is for a company like Nintendo.

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The Walking Dead Still Thinks We’re Stupid

It was a long summer waiting for AMC’s The Walking Dead to come back after that Season 6 cliffhanger. Not long in a good way mind you. No, it was definitely long in the very worst way. It was long in the way that a drive-thru lineup is longest when you just need to grab a coffee before heading to work. Long in the way that makes you wonder if it’s worth even trying. It makes you wonder whether or not it’s time to put a series out to pasture for good. But sometimes you get that resolution that makes it all worth it. The drive-thru line zips by surprisingly fast. You realize it was worth it to take the chance and hope for the best because the best happened. Last night’s episode was not that moment for The Walking Dead. Spoilers below the cut.


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Games to Get you Pumped For The Election

Man I love election time, don’t you? Canadian, American, whatever. You better believe I stay glued to news and social media throughout every election cycle. Of course, the current American election has everyone captivated as the leadership of one of the most powerful countries in the world is up for grabs in what looks increasingly like either a reality show or a The Simpsons episode. No, not the good years of The Simpsons. So with the third debate ending tonight and the nails firmly in Trump’s coffin, how about some video games that will distract you from the current election cycle? At least until November 8th, that is, when you must do your civic duty to get out and vote. Unless of course you’re not an American in which case you can do what I’ll be doing on November 8th and sit back and hope that White Power riots don’t break out south of the border. What can you play to take your mind off this election, you ask? Great question.


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Dark Souls and the Difficulty Myth

To create a believable world, the developers of Dark Souls included talking mushrooms.

Dark Souls is the hardest game you’ll ever play. It will make you throw your controller at your TV in frustration and then pick it up and go right back for more. That’s what all the marketing surrounding the Dark Souls series of games has been telling us since the game’s inception. This stereotype was massively perpetuated by major gaming media outlets for years and it fed directly back into the game’s marketing team. In turn, they did things like name their PC Port the Prepare To Die Edition, further imagining the game they were marketing as the hardest thing players would ever lay their hands on. Yet, the strange thing about Dark Souls is that it’s actually not a terribly difficult game, despite all the pomp.

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Fun First: Blizzard’s Bulletproof Game Design Rule

Blizzard is a company I’ve been a fan of since my youth spent playing hours and hours of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. I’ve played most of their games, and I’ve always been impressed by them in one aspect or another. They’ve always had something of a classic approach to game design in that they tend to make something fun first and worry about the rest later. It shows through in the primary aspects of their games from gameplay to storyline.  It’s a flawless rule to follow in game design, and though there are reasons not to follow it at times, Blizzard is a company that constantly exemplifies why it works so well.



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