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Games to Get you Pumped For The Election

Man I love election time, don’t you? Canadian, American, whatever. You better believe I stay glued to news and social media throughout every election cycle. Of course, the current American election has everyone captivated as the leadership of one of the most powerful countries in the world is up for grabs in what looks increasingly like either a reality show or a The Simpsons episode. No, not the good years of The Simpsons. So with the third debate ending tonight and the nails firmly in Trump’s coffin, how about some video games that will distract you from the current election cycle? At least until November 8th, that is, when you must do your civic duty to get out and vote. Unless of course you’re not an American in which case you can do what I’ll be doing on November 8th and sit back and hope that White Power riots don’t break out south of the border. What can you play to take your mind off this election, you ask? Great question.


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Fun First: Blizzard’s Bulletproof Game Design Rule

Blizzard is a company I’ve been a fan of since my youth spent playing hours and hours of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. I’ve played most of their games, and I’ve always been impressed by them in one aspect or another. They’ve always had something of a classic approach to game design in that they tend to make something fun first and worry about the rest later. It shows through in the primary aspects of their games from gameplay to storyline.  It’s a flawless rule to follow in game design, and though there are reasons not to follow it at times, Blizzard is a company that constantly exemplifies why it works so well.



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